Alpine’s CPAP Resupply Service

Our CPAP Resupply makes the process of getting you the products you need easier than ever. Whether you’re a new customer or you’ve been with us for years, our dedicated support team is committed to your health. To get the help that you need and ensure you enjoy clean therapy and order as frequently as you need, call us by clicking the button below.

CPAP Resupply Program

We make getting your CPAP Supplies EASY. To ensure we get you the correct support, click the button that best pertains to you.

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Things you need to know before your resupply order

  1. 1


    What CPAP machine are you currently using?

  2. 2


    What size and type of mask are you using?

  3. 3


    Is your tubing heated or non-heated?

  4. 4

    Serial Number

    Provide your serial number on the back of the machine.

Insurance Offering

Your insurance provider will be the one who decides how often you are eligible for CPAP ReSupply. You will need to login and order CPAP ReSupply each time you are in need of a refreshed supply.

Call for Eligibility

Deductibles still apply and you are still responsible for copays. Simply skip the hassle of reminders each quarter, and set up AUTOMATIC ReSupply.

CPAP Resupply FAQ

What's the contact information for the resupply team?

801-506-1876 | ReSupply Direct Line
888-333-1456 | ResMed Portal Help
844-371-8195 | Save this number to your phone as, “Alpine ReSupply”. Once signed up, you will be receiving texts, emails, and calls to keep you updated on your ReSupply status.

What insurance providers offer auto shipments?

You may be eligible for automatic ReSupply if you have the following insurance provider:

  • DMBA
  • Atena
  • Altius
  • Blue Cross Blue Shied
  • Auto shipments allow a patient to set up a recurring shipment to receive their CPAP supplies automatically. It will allow you to skip the hassle of having to log in every quarter to order supplies. Deductibles still apply and you are responsible for copays.

    What information you should know before ordering?
  • What machine you're looking for
  • Your mask size
  • Heated or non-heated tubing